It’s 1909 and Baltimore is Jumping with Danger and Excitement

Into the Suffering City Front Cover

New thrills are everywhere: cars, cocaine, ragtime music, moving pictures. Old troubles also thrive, including murder, corruption, and the painful divisions of gender, class, and race.

Dr. Sarah Kennecott is on the autism spectrum—a trait that is unidentified and unappreciated at the time. Her passion is justice for murder victims, and after getting fired for looking too closely into the killing of a showgirl, she refuses to back down from the investigation. Sarah forms an unlikely bond with Jack Harden, a tormented, down-on-his-luck private detective. Jack pushes the case into Baltimore’s seedy underworld, a vitally corrupt realm of saloons, brothels, and burlesque theaters.

When Sarah and Jack pull the pieces together, they discover a stunning pair of secrets, each of which is worth killing to keep.

Into the Suffering City is a fast-paced, emotionally immersive story that combines originality and historical detail to explore the lives of people living in Baltimore during the early 1900s.

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“A thrillingly suspenseful, superbly written historical murder mystery which dives deep into the seamy underbelly of Baltimore.”

–Indie Review

“Seamlessly weaves culture, history, and mystery into this novel’s surprising twists and complex characters. Clear prose, intricate plotting, and likable leading characters combine to form an engrossing mystery.”


“There is a confident matter-of-factness to the writing, a boldness that is reflected in the swagger and stylish depiction of Baltimore itself. The level of historical authenticity and research that went into this story provide a rich and vibrant world, and the constant stream of colloquial language and tiny gems of detail make the scenes sing. Balancing complex character quirks, mysterious emotional baggage, surprising buried secrets, and riveting action sequences, Into the Suffering City is a knockout historical thriller.”

Self-Publishing Review